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Full Version: A Request and Guide for Guests
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Hello guests. Im leo. Well we need you to register. Im pretty sure you're gamers. We are nice people.

Have fun signing up

We also have an pokemon rpg (game) when you register we'll show you the rpg (you don't have to like pokemon) Smile

moderators/admins please don't post in this thread thank you (only edit this post)
Guide To Register:

First find the register button and click it.
[Image: o7pvfq.jpg]

Then read what it says (please do read it)and press agree

[Image: 23vz0oj.jpg]

Then you see the account details.
[Image: 23s6mvr.jpg]

This it what it should look like when its filled in and press sumit registration
[Image: a3jk9g.jpg]
Guide to where you should post first to meet people:

First find the welcome section in where the category important is:
[Image: a1twld.jpg]

Press it and find new thread and click it.
[Image: 2vnph8w.jpg]

Then fill in these details:
[Image: bdjubq.jpg]

This is what it should look like when its done being filled out.
[Image: dx1rmp.jpg]

Then Post It:
[Image: 23hrvdc.jpg]

This is what it should look like when done posting the thread:
[Image: 2a4wz12.jpg]
More Guides Coming Soon
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