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Berry Berry FamilyxD
10-29-2013, 11:15 PM
Post: #1
Tongue Berry Berry FamilyxD
HelloxD!MooMoo typing>> and everyone knowxP ohwell my new story...since my last one I forgot where I put the book>>
Btw enjoyxD >> ohh it's story in other forumsxD but i want people here read it to:1

Cute ArtxD Will Add More When I Have Time>>

[Image: b5cc1efd5bace584aeec3669c1285b16-d6h9rqw.png]
Berry Berry FamilyxD!

First Chapterx3
''Papa!papa!papa mackyxD!''a girl wearing pink dress calling her father.
"Yes moo?what u want?"Macky ask moo curious.Macky is moo first father.
"Papa macky...I'm bored:1...let's playxD!" Moo ask macky to play with her.
"aww~my cute little daughter is bored? But I'm to old to play with u:3...let's do something else?papa macky give a suggestion,he don't want to ignore his cute dayghterxP.
"hmm..ok:1 why all my father already old:1? And tell me a storyxD!"moo take her bunny and sit on her papa macky lap.
"I'm not old yet:1 just to tired to play with u~ hmm what kind of stories?"Macky let moo sits on his lap..
"But u said u already old to play with me earlier?and hmm...tell me how u met with mama abbyxD!"moo play with her bunny while giving a suggestion.
"gee...ok then..u want to know how I met your mama?"macky repeat what moo said.
"yupxD!tell me how both of u metxD!"
Ok then...our first met is when both of us in elementary school.Your mom is so cute!"
"ohh!That's why I'm cute to:3!so both of u married when in elementary school:3?"
"nope..we don't know each other yet that time..we start to know when in highschool"macky say while playing with moo hairs.
"ohh!same class?:3 or in detention class:o? Papa darky say both of u are really naughty when in highschool!"
"gee..what that old man told u:1?and nope..we met in the toilet."macky deny it while cursing darky>> (poor dakryxD)
"ohh!papa go to girl toilet:3?"
"what?!of course no:1!your mom mistook girl toilet with boys toilet..."macky try to remember the first time he and Abby met.
"mama mistook girl with boy toilet-.- I have pervert mom:3"moo shake her head.
"haha..she try to hide from mr.drum.."
"mr drum?a drum:o?! I don't know that drum can teach people:1?"moo start to imagine a drum teaching peoples.
"lolxD not that drum silly.. Hmm his full name is drumbum but we call him drum.."macky try to remember his teacher.
"ohh!can i call him mr.drumy? It fits himxD!"Suddenly~

a penguin come near them~
"I want burgers!I want burgers!"The penguin keep repeat it.
"ohh mr.pingu ashiexD!u want burgers:3?"moo jump off from macky laps and take order a burgers.
"what the...since when we have penguin?!"macky ask.
"yesterdayxD!when I was going to zoo...I saw him at penguin section..and I gave him my burgerxD!he follow me home:3"
"and it's creepy...the penguin can talk:o!"macky start to run
"waa~ isn't it cute:1?"Moo hugs ashie
"i want burgers!!"ashie bites macky hand.
"ouch!I hate thie penguin:1!"macky hit ashie.
"waa~ cruel father!he just want burgers:1!"moo throw burgers.
"waaahh!burgers!burgers!"ashie catch the burgers.
"wahh clever penguin:3"moo praised ashie.

to be continuexP I will post next one in 3/4 hoursxD(getting bored writing:3)
Chapter 2:3
"Waaa~ Why papa put ashie in cage;(" moo cry like a cute babyxD (<<I'm always cutexP)
"do u remember what he do back there:1?!"macky sounds angry.
"hmm..what my ashie do;("moo still crying while looking at ashie in his new cage.
"wahh clever penguin:3"moo praised ashie.
"I want burgers!I still want burgers!"ashie run to macky room.
"now where that creepy burgers penguin go?"macky ask moo.
"humph:1 he have names:1!mr.pingu ashiexD and it's not creepy:1 he is just smart:3"
hear a sounds from macky room
"moo is that from my room?"macky ask moo he hope it's not.
"yupxD!maybe ashie is therexD!"moo walk to macky room like a rich old lady~
"what?! I hope he don't do anything stupid in my room!"macky run like a cheetah when hear ashie name.
"ohh:o!!my father is fastxD!I will record it and show at papa darkyxD!"moo run to her room and take her camera.
"noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"macky screams like an old lady~
"huh?!I hear an old women screaming:o!!!MooMoo for the rescue~"moo change her outfit to superheroes and rush to her father room.
"papa!I hear an old women screaming!do u know where she is:o?!I want to save the world:1"moo ask macky about the screaming..
"what?!I dont hear any old lady screaming:1 just...the creepy penguin write all this on the wall:1!"macky show moo what ashie wrote on the wall.
I want burgers!want burgers!want burgers!
"ohh ashie can writexD!my ashie is clever:3"moo go near ashie and hugs him.
"he also delete all my file and change it to burger image:o!!!"macky check his document,file and all his work thing-..-
"bad pingu ashie:1!no burgers for u tonight:1!"moo hide all burgers from ashie.
"I want burgers!!!!!"eats strawberry in front of moomoo "Muahahaha!Ashie Pingu wants Burgers!"
"bad penguin!!!!!!"take the berries and hide in mouth.
"I want burgers!!!!!I want burgers!"look at pizza..
"what he staring at?!"macky look at ashie."wait..my pizzaaaaaa~!"macky run and try to finish it before the devil ashie eat it.
"burgerpizzaxD!"ashie take the pizza and eat it."pizza is not yummy!"
"my pizza T-T I hate this penguin:1!"macky take out cage and put ashie in it
End of flashback~
"ohh!i...I..I still don't remember:3"moo try to remember.
"gee..ohwell I'm going to sent him back at zoo:1"macky put the cage in car.
"noooo!don't sent him there!hmm..let give him to papa pop:3?"moo give macky a suggestion she don't want to leave ashie~
"ohh!good idea...I can revenge him for stealing you mom!"macky sounds like evil wicked witch.
"ohh!I though mama leave papa because u say she not cute:3"moo try to remember macky and abby last fight.
"What..ehh no:1?who tell u that?!"macky ask moo with smiling devil face.
"papa darky and papa eeveexD!"
"what they tell u-.- hmm do u know why your mom leave both of them:3?"
"yeaxD they say mama misty leave them because they look so coolxD"moo look at ashie."poor pingu;( just because he ate pizza he need to go to jail;("moo shake head."why I have father that still look like elementary student:3"
"actually mama misty leave them because they...umm..ate her strawberries:3!Macky try to lie moo.
"Horrible father:o!!but i though papa darky married to papa yonglin>>?"
"lolxD yup...do u want to hear story about it?"macky is going to revenge<3
"ohh I want I wantxD!"MooMoo jump around.

go to chapter 3-.-Wait..I will make it tomorrowxP

characters in this story>>
Eevee(eeveelutions wait how to spell thatxP)


Tobi(tobi ryuzaki)



Ohwell to many of them:3 going to add more soonxD

Brian(brianlin number number numberxP)

My Cute Pet:3:
Mr.Pingu AshiexD(Ash The Great)=penguinxD
Snorlazy(action sauce)=my doggy:

All people on forums have role:3 so dont worryxD we don't need character appxP

Character SpiritsxD!
[spoiler][Image: 1_by_lorii_chan-d6gfa4w.gif]
[spoiler][Image: 1_by_lorii_chan-d6a15jd.gif]
[spoiler][Image: atmoo_by_lorii_chan-d6gcnsn.gif]
[spoiler][Image: b_by_lorii_chan-d6doph5.gif]
[spoiler][Image: aria_by_lorii_chan-d6gidjb.gif]
[spoiler][Image: com__himesu_by_lorii_chan-d68m7dh.gif]
[spoiler][Image: shy_blinking_yuki_chan_by_miiyukichan-d4us3yp.gif]

For Girl Spirits:-

For Boys Spirits:-

Ohwell there's more but they don't want to be show here>> and feel free to show yoursxD

[Image: shana_by_kagamineshanita-d4fyvdx.png]
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10-30-2013, 12:17 AM
Post: #2
RE: Berry Berry FamilyxD
*Waits for chapter 3*

It is not the strong or the smart that survive, but the ones who can bring about change.
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10-30-2013, 12:20 AM
Post: #3
RE: Berry Berry FamilyxD
LolxD I will post here first then i will post on other forums>>

Gonna make it tomorrow^__^

[Image: shana_by_kagamineshanita-d4fyvdx.png]
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10-30-2013, 12:28 AM
Post: #4
RE: Berry Berry FamilyxD
Awesome story moomoo XD

Could I maybe have a different sprite? Something that looks like me with black hair and blue eyes?

[Image: image.png]
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10-30-2013, 12:31 AM
Post: #5
RE: Berry Berry FamilyxD
Ok I will make itxD thanks^__^

Black hair and blue eyes will coming~

[Image: shana_by_kagamineshanita-d4fyvdx.png]
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10-30-2013, 12:33 AM
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RE: Berry Berry FamilyxD
Thank woo :*

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